Picture: me as Elvita Adams, the woman who survived jumping off the Empire State Building

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Where does that silly title come from?  Pizza with Jimbob & Twoforks.  Well you know I should have given it a great deal of thought and come up with something that captured exactly what was going on in the story.  It should have been a big deal.  But that’s not exactly how it came out.

I had hoped that my wife would suddenly come up with a brain wave as she had done for Theatre on the Run, when a group of half dozen local professional theatre companies got together to take people through a theatre trip around Derby during Feste. The title was perfect because then the photo-shoot could all be based on the cover of Wings Band on the Run.  Which fitted perfectly with such a variety of performers.  But alas it never came for my novel.

bandontherunOrder here!

My editor wanted a different title, something snappier, easier to remember.  But all my attempts felt like a main stream murder mystery which I suppose might have made it sell better but probably to totally the wrong audience.

But why that title in the first place?  I had listened to Mariella Frostrup’s Open Book about prizes for the most outlandish novel title of the year.  Long titles were in they said and I fancied following suit.  It wasn’t so odd for me as my play titles have always been pretty long:

  • I’ve been Elvita Adams
  • I wish I was Sam Shepard
  • Do the right thing…but not right now

I love punchy titles and back when I was an Indie Kid at the height of Brit Pop band names were shorter the better, Pulp, Blur, Suede, Oasis.  But I’ve never managed it myself.

And I think it fits the novel.  When people hear the title they are intrigued they say.  They know it’s something a little odd and humorous.  But certainly not intellectual or dense, because it’s got the word Pizza in it.  But what the hell are a Twoforks and Jimbob?

Oh well!  You’ll have to read it to the end to find out…


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